Improving your HVAC

Have you ever heard of ductless mini splits? It’s a weird name for a rather impressive home comfort option. If you are hoping to install central air but are now living in an older or smaller house that lacks the needed ductwork, it is advisable to look into a mini-split method. The system provides both cooling and heating without any messy home makeovers. Mini splits are made up of two main components. There is an outdoor compressor/condenser and an internal air handling unit. A conduit protects the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and a condensate empty, and connects the outside compressor to an indoor air handler. These systems are simple and compact and provide an adequate cooling and heating system, with pretty impressive SEER in addition to HSPF ratings. A main benefit from a mini split system will be flexibility. The indoor air handlers are no more than 7 inches deep and made with sleek, high-tech looking jackets. You can locate the system just about anyplace and a wireless remote control enables you to easily turn it off and on. You can suspend the air handler from the ceiling, mount it flush right into a drop ceiling or hang it using a wall. Wherever you locate this, your ductless mini split may gently and quietly direct air to every corner of the room. The energy is sent through insulated lines, which implies that ductless mini split systems help save 95% of generated energy. In comparison with a convention duct system, mini splits can be extremely efficient. They also let you control where you want heating or air conditioning instead of conditioning the entire house.

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Commercial HVAC is a little different than residential HVAC. You’re now trying to take care of the temperature control of an entire business and all the individuals inside. If workers aren’t cozy, they aren’t as productive. One example is, in extreme humidity, we feel tired and sluggish. Commercial HVAC needs to provide the ideal temperature no matter the weather outside. If the enterprise is customer-based, potential clients must also be comfortable. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and the air conditioning is blasting so hard you walk around shivering. You probably rush to get out of there. If you’re in a hurry to leave, you’re spending less overall. Commercial HVAC also does the task of protecting electronic equipment. Exactly like you, your computer doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures. Humidity is actually terrible for electrical components. Another concern is indoor air quality. The more people you have in a building, the bigger the affect on quality of air. Every person brings in locks, skin flakes, the fumes associated with hygiene products and possible dog dander. Add in cleaning solutions, pest control, dust, adhesives and even more, and you’ve got quite a new stew of contaminants. Polluted indoor quality of air not only degrades comfort but results in health issues. Not only would you like your staff and customers breathing in healthy air and feeling beneficial, the cost of employees missing work due to sickness can be significant. Poor indoor air quality has been proven to cause headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, allergies and trigger asthma and asthmatic problems.

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residential hvac does not include cars

There have been many people who have gone out to their car, only to find out that they can’t even turn it on because it is too hot to even operate! Thanks to modern vehicles that also have temperature sensors for car interiors, many of us have seen that our cars have warmed up to over 90 or even 100 degrees during a hot summer day! This seems not very enjoyable, especially as it becomes too hot to touch your steering wheel or to operate any parts of your vehicle that you have to touch. On days like this, you want to count on the fact that the air conditioning in your car will be working. If your air conditioning isn’t working, and it is similarly as hot outside as it is in your car, there is a chance that your car is not going to cool down much at all. This will make it not only uncomfortable to drive, but almost unsafe as you might suffer from heat related health issues from being in such a hot vehicle without reprieve from the weather, either. However, air conditioning in vehicles operates much differently than the air conditioning that we have at home. Air conditioning repairs, recharges and replacements on vehicles can only be done by certain licensed auto mechanics as well. Make sure that your air conditioning is working on your vehicle by scheduling an appointment to have it tuned up. Make sure you do the same for you air conditioning at home, too!

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Struggling to stay comfortable at home

Having a comfortable home is the main goal for most homeowners. Your home is somewhere where you are supposed to feel comfortable and at ease. However, some people have so many issues with their homes, that they are not able to feel comfortable at home. This presents a lot of unwanted and unnecessary stress for many people. This is especially true with people who struggle to stay comfortable at home in the winter time. No one likes to be cold, and what a worse way to try and escape the cold than living in a home that is often drafty and uncomfortable because it is so cold. How should you go about making your home a comfortable place to stay as you once hoped it would be? Well, tackling your heating and insulation issues should be your first priority if you are living somewhere where it is cold most of the time. These issues could also be costing you quite a bit of money if your heating unit is really struggling to keep up with your heating demands, only to be wasted by slipping out of the cracks through doors and windows throughout your home. Having a local heating and cooling contractor stop by to check out the issues in your home might help give you some clarity. There are so many things that can be taken into account when it comes to fixing heating issues that it is best to consult with a professional before attempting to do anything by yourself.

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Alternatives to turning up heat

Some people are willing to try anything to stay warm in the winter time, and to try and save money on the expensive cost of heating. Some people have even taken to running their heat at the bare minimum of a temperature to try and save the most on their heating costs. However, it does not seem like the most comfortable situation for you to be living in if that’s the case. What are some tips to stay extra warm and cozy this winter without having to pay the price? Well, there are a few products that you could look into to try and keep you nice and comfortable this winter. Some important and popular winter heating and comfort products include: space heaters, heated blankets, flannel sheets, flannel blankets, pocket and shoe warmers, warm slipper and so many other options. Make sure that you are doing the best that you can to stay warm and comfortable if you are trying to cut back on your heating costs this winter. You certainly do not want to sacrifice all of your comfort in the name of saving just a little bit of extra money, right? Keep this in mind as you spend time managing your heating costs and thermostat levels. This is especially true if you are living with other people, a family or pets, to keep their comfort and safety in mind this winter heating season. Don’t be too cheap…you’ll want to be comfortable at least for some of the winter!

Alternatives to turning up heat

preplan for heating season

Did you know that you could probably save the most on your heating expenses by preparing before the season even starts? Many of us wait until it’s too late to start preparing for the heating season that’s ahead of us, but that’s when things are the most expensive. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Start preparing and planning for the upcoming winter and heating season that is ahead of you, and you’ll learn that it may be easier to plan a ahead of time. Planning, budgeting and saving ahead of time will certainly save you in any winter time emergency situation. Not to mention, if you’re thinking about getting your heating system replaced, or buy other heat related items, check for last season’s items on closeout before making your next heating purchase. This is when it pays off to do some work ahead of time. Getting those kinds of deals do not come around that frequently, and could certainly help you save quite a bit of money if you are lucky enough to be able to capitalize on these deals ahead of the holiday rushes that are ahead. High costs of heating units and other heating related items don’t have to get you down if you just plan accordingly. Get in touch with a heating contractor to see if they are offering any deals before the heating season starts as well. Many places offer deals on installations and tune ups before the season gets started, take advantage of the deals!

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Tax Benefits for HVAC Upgrades

Did you know that you may benefit from upgrading your heating and cooling units? Surely you will benefit by having a more comfortable home by having a better working heating and cooling unit. You will also benefit in having reduced utility costs if you purchase a new and more energy efficient heating and cooling option. However, did you know that you could even receive benefits on your taxes from purchasing new heating and cooling units for your home? You certainly can! There are tax benefits depending on the state that you live in, in addition to some federal tax credits that you may be eligible for if you purchase an approved heating and cooling unit for your home. Certain heating and cooling units are designed to cut back on energy usage and are more environmentally friendly than others, which is encouraged to be used in homes by many local and federal government agencies. As a push to use more energy efficient and environmentally friendly units, these tax credits have been offered to help sweeten the deal for those who are looking to purchase a new heating and cooling unit. Get in touch with your local heating and cooling company to see if they are able to help you upgrade your heating and cooling units in your home. Check online to see what tax credits or write offs are available in your local state or area, in addition to checking into federal tax credits available for upgrading heating and cooling units.

Tax Benefits for HVAC Upgrades

heating and cooling on college grounds

There are thousands of students each year that spend the majority of their time at their university. Many universities house a large number of students that they have to accommodate each year. Making sure that students are comfortable and able to focus on their studies and campus activities is one of the main goals of any college or university. This could lead to some issues when it comes to heating and cooling such a large campus for such a large number of students and staff. However, if students and staff are uncomfortable, they are likely to not get as much work done as they would if they were much more comfortable. Generally, many of these colleges or universities are equipped with commercial style heating and cooling units to accommodate such a large number of students and staff across such a large campus and throughout a variety of different buildings on the same campus. Many of these colleges also have dedicated staff to controlling just their heating and cooling functions. If your college or university is less than comfortable, make sure they are following the proper guidelines for heating and cooling within a college setting. A heating or cooling professional company will likely be able to fix many of the problems that are brought up by the challenge of heating and cooling large buildings such as colleges or universities in your area. Get in touch with a local heating and cooling specialist to address any of your heating and cooling concerns.

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Air duct cleaning

Your ductwork is an issue. You probably spend no time at all thinking about it. Your ductwork is invisible, considering that it’s hidden away. Out of sight. Out of mind. But ductwork is essential. It’s necessary. Without that ductwork, your heating and air conditioning system would be completely ineffective. You need to take good care of your ducts. Ductwork is actually a complex series of tubes running through the wall, floors and ceiling. These tubes allow air to travel from your home’s furnace to each room. The ducts connect your HVAC equipment to the vents that deliver conditioned air. You definitely don’t want individual tubes to leak. If ducts are not adequately sealed or are in bad condition, air will leak into unheated spaces, like your basement or garage. When your current heated or cooled air is being dispersing and being wasted, you’re paying many extra dollars a year in energy bills. Inspecting and insulating ducts is really a really good idea. You’ll need to hire a professional contractor, but the service is extremely cost-effective and needed for your family’s health. Without regular cleaning, your ducts gather airborne dirt and dust. This dust then gets circulated throughout your home, landing on tables, floating in the air, contaminating your indoor environment. By breathing this dust, a person risks nausea, headaches, shortness of breath, irritated and itchy eyes, sore throat, allergy problems, asthma problems and respiratory problems. Dirty ductwork also reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system. When ductwork is obstructed, it reduces airflow. This makes your heating and cooling equipment work harder to get the room temperature to ideal ranges.


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Should you have a newer furnace, it’s almost certainly under warranty. Granted, most warranties are limited by parts protection, but it’s better than nothing. And sometimes you could possibly get a warranty on labor as a result of your HVAC contractor. Most warranties last about a decade. If your forget to have your furnace serviced on a yearly basis, you’ll void the warranty. By buying a maintenance plan, you won’t have to remember to schedule service every fall. Your contractor will contact you and let you know it’s time. Then you can set up a time that’s convenient and let them look after the rest. They’ll inspect the entire furnace and ductwork, looking for any potential problems. That way you can have worn parts replaced or fixed before they transform into big, costly repair problems. The technician can order any needed parts and get everything in good working order before winter. If you do away with most repair problems, your heater will cost less to operate over time. And a regularly serviced furnace can last longer, probably twenty years or higher. Regular service takes care of cleaning, lubricating, tightening and examining it, which keeps your heater working at peak efficiency levels. Should you ignore your furnace, dirt will build up on the internal components, a lot more as the months go through. A thick layer of dirt on the motor, air handler or warmth exchanger, creates friction. Friction forces your furnace to work harder and wears it out. You’ll wind up with huge energy bills, long and boisterous run times, annoying repairs and your furnace won’t last as long.

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